HI All!

As many of you know we are in the midst of a very big decision…selection of an Electronic Health Record.  We have chosen two companies that best fit our needs here at MMH.  Cerner and Athena Health.  Both of these systems have things that are very awesome, and both have things that are not so cool.  There is also misinformation that is out there for both…even to one point that a contract with Athena has been signed…which is far from the truth.


We have heard everyone’s concerns that their voices have not been heard, and that this may be a process in which administration will make the choice for the entire organization for this major item.  This is not the culture that I want to have in the organization.  So we have put together a validation team to work together to find out what works and what doesn’t for these systems.  This team consists of:

Jennifer Cano (for frontline nurses, quality and pharmacy)

Sheri Knight (for frontline nurses and surgery)

Cassie Chappell (for frontline MA’s in clinic)

Tim Johnson (for Radiology)

Dan Lakindili (for Lab)

Samantha Kuhlman for Revenue Cycle team

Jessica Skomp (for providers)

Sheila Robinson (for front line clinic intake and clinic as a whole)

Kurt Schueler (Finance, Dietary, Accounting, AP)

Myself (to drive the van and Rehab)

Jason McCormick(to help negotiate contracts)


Most of this team will be traveling to Gothenburg, NE to view Cerner on the 12th, then the team will depart that same day to drive to Jacksboro, TX.  In Jacksboro the team will view Athena the very next day.  We will then have a recommendation made to present to the board on the 15th.  Some of you have asked, “why not Wray or Imperial for Cerner, or Kimball, NE for Athena”.  We have already asked to visit those sites, however, both vendors want us to go to their “showcase hospitals” to view the product.  Please rest easy that Wray, Kimball and Imperial all have been contacted for references.  In fact we have contacted about 20 references total during this process.

We sat down as a manager team yesterday, and will be doing the same with the provider team to find the guiding principles for validation during this trip.  These consist of:

Strategic Goals for EMR
Customer Satisfaction
Quality Safety
Employee/Culture Satisfaction
Non-negotiable items
Internal and external integration
Able to bill and collect
Single statement/easy to read statement
Regulatory readiness
New order alerts
Department level needs
Med Rec safety and correctness Ability to move data
Ease of use Blood bank
Good care plans lab results side by side with priors
ED workflow software for Docs HR
Encoder Endoscopy
Scruber Automated process
Tailor to payors Patient Safety
Auto cash/payment post Data reporting
Eligibility Support
Scheduler (enterprise wide) Security
Charge capture Phone call reminders
Decrease in med errors Patient Portal
Ease of actionable data Patient Navigation
Infection prevention Population Health

The validation will be focused on those areas.  Also, youre departmental leaders will be going over these items with you for any additions or subractations.  It is the hopes that this will allow MMH to choose the best EHR for the future.  Either system will be a huge change facilitator at MMH, because we have done things in the past…does not mean we will do them that way in the future. 

This entire process will help us achieve maximum buy-in in order for everyone to use the system 100% of the time to 100% of the capability.  I am looking forward to moving forward with one of these products.  Please email me with any concerns.



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