1. Board passed motion to approve Athena Health Contract, contracts were signed.
  2. Implementation Team will be going to Boston to view Athena HQ in Jan and Feb
  3. Athena will send an assessment team to MMH in Jan to hdelp determine next steps looking at a 6-9 month implementation to go live
  4. Brady Ring has started as EMS Director and we are seeing a lot of activity in that area, we have taken 3-4 transfers to higher level of care facilities…this is awesome!
  5. We have agreed to terms with Optometrist Dr. Tim Meyer to provide 30hrs a week optometry, eye glass & contact dispensary, diabetic eye care, glaucoma, infectious disease care, work on cataract program, retinal program, train Rev Cycle team on optometry coding and billing, outreach home care and education. We have set aside space for eye exam rooms and glasses “studio”
  6. We will be doing a feasibility study via Stroudwater in order to have the Hospital District Purchase the Leasehold (building) from the Hospital Corporation. This means that we will be getting a new loan from the USDA to consolidate our original building loan, expansion loan, and at half the interest rate and no mortgage reserve fund. Our current mortgage payment is about $112K a month. This will decrease to about $48-50k a month a considerable yearly savings. This will dissolve the Hospital Corporation which was formed to enable the original hospital to be built without having to ask the tax payers
  7. So far our net income for the year is about $80,000. Our IP revenue is down 48%, locum Dr. pay was about $350K higher than expected, our Provider Fee payment went down 10.91% ($250K). We have had the highest Gross year every of about $15.5 million, contractual adjustments are up.
  8. The Pharmacy continues to pick up steam…we started out with 10 scripts a day to getting up to the 30 mark. Our goal is 50 per day.

Happy New Year!


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