Dress code

Dress Code. There has been a lot of concerns, questions, and confusion lately about this very personal topic. This is my attempt to make light of the situation, and hopefully clarify some of the expectations for clothing that are already in existence merely because we work in the healthcare industry.

We all can relate to our patients in the fact that we already have expectations for what others should be wearing in the hospital/clinic setting. It’s important to try to see yourself, and your wardrobe through the patient’s eyes. What do you think they’re thinking when they see you in your chosen outfit? Or who would you rather help you with your healthcare needs?

Hi, I am Dr. Smith, what are you in for today?

Hello, I am here to draw your blood.

I’ll take your credit card for payment.


I would like to go over your medications with you.


Hello, I am the CEO.


The philosophy that I personally use in the morning is: Would I wear this again to Home Depot on Saturday?  If the answer is yes, then it might be too casual for the workplace, and I save it for the weekend. I’d rather not have the hassle of being sent home like what happened several years ago when my manager informed me that I needed to have on sheer panty hose to cover the portion of leg showing between my capri dress pants and shoes. SIGH! Ladies, panty hose were invented by a man named Allen Gant Senior in 1959 for… reasons unknown. I can honestly say, that I haven’t worn capri dress pants OR panty hose to Home Depot.


As an organization, we want you to be comfortable and be able to express your personality! How you dress is extremely personal; you spend your hard earned money on clothes you like, on clothes you feel good in. But I’ll be honest, I feel most comfortable in stretchy pants, a tank top and flip flops, but I don’t think that would gain any respect in the workplace with my peers or patients that see me in the hall. It’s never fun to feel stifled, whether that be by dress code rules or panty hose. So, here are some examples for business casual for us folks that don’t get to wear scrubs every day.

Patients still have opinions on Fridays, so please continue to reserve your jeans and slightly more casual wear for Fridays only. Continue to be conservative with your wardrobe choices so that we don’t ruin “Casual Fridays” like our poor friend, Kevin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consult your manager or a leadership team member if you have questions!



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