Setting the Direction

Happy beginning of the week!  The past month while everyone is prepping for the Athena conversion the board and senior team has been focused on multiple different things.  The board retreat was held on August 10th, where a strategic update was given based on financial data, year to date volumes, market analysis, the employee satisfaction survey, external trends and other data.  This was a very good retreat catered by the MMH Dinning Extrodinaires…it was a tasty meal (did you know Sue, Spencer and Fil served 1,600 meals in August?  Wow!)  After this retreat the teams emerged with high level strategy to put into place for the next 18 months.  These items were touched upon in the past managers meetings.

This past week on Thursday and Friday the senior team had it’s retreat:


What actually happened:

retreat 3

We took the information from the board and managers, and turned it into tactics and plans.  We also took information from a 700 question leadership survey called the Hogan Leadership Assessment that each of the senior team member took, along with the employee satisfaction survey, and identified strengths and weakness in our fairly new senior leadership team.  This was all facilitated by Tony Blake from Strategic Impact.  Tony is a highly regarded expert in leadership, strategy, culture etc.  He took DaVita and beat Microsoft out for best culture in the United States a few years ago.

retreat 1

By now I am sure you all are wondering what we are looking at for strategy for the next 18 months.  Here is the high level list: Mental health integration, dental clinic, chemotherapy, day care, staff education, organizational culture improvement, financial education for non-financial staff, leadership development, staff retention, swing bed and IP utilization, retention of family medicine through prenatal and post-partum strategy, increase primary care utilization via accountable care organization, process improvement methodology, and outreach lab services.

The team also developed team norms in which to function under, did a hit or miss inventory from Jan 2016 (my arrival) to today, and focused on mission, vision and values of the organization.  After the dust settles from the Athena conversion, there will be a team put together to focus on the mission statement, and subsequently the vision and values that we all will abide by.

We will be having a quarterly town hall coming up soon, and we will go over this more in detail.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!



One thought on “Setting the Direction

  1. “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” I appreciate the senior leadership team taking the time to seek wise counsel, plan and strategize for the future of Melissa Memorial Hospital and the Family Practice of Holyoke. I am so proud to play a small part in such an awesome team! The future looks bright even through the dust swirling all around us. 😉


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