New Docs signed!

Hello All!

What a crazy last couple of weeks.  I am proud of how we all handled the Athena conversion.  Things are getting resolved at a rapid pace.  One way to think about Athena, is that it is pushing us to do everything in real-time, it has patient safety at the forefront of its platform.  You may be asking what that means… take a look at your clinical inbox…it requires you to verify many tasks, look at labs/x-rays and medication refills and requires action so nothing gets missed.  It requires us to enter an action item for each of the items.  If we do not stay on top of this, we will get behind.  I am excited to see the workflows coming together.

I want to end the week on a great note.  We have signed not one or two, but four new Docs.  Two are family practice, two are specialty.  Dr. Daniella Boyer has signed on to practice like Dr. Wilson and her start date is after she finishes her residency on July 31, 2018.  One not so new Doc…Dr. Kevin Cuccinelli has agreed to provide 120 hours per month ER/IP/Obs/Clinic coverage.  Dr. Yakel, our Podiatrist, will become an employed Doctor like Dr. Schiefan.  His hours will not change, but we will assume all billing for him.  Dr. Mike Solomon, our cataract surgeon (ophthalmologist) will begin in Nov.

Also, Dr. David Mendez, our first resident, begins Tuesday 10/3/17 for a month of seeing patients in the clinic and the ER etc.

Thank you all for your hard work!


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