Strategy and new positions

We have an exciting week ahead!  Joe Tye will be here this week to help us go from good to great.  Also, we have a lot of good things that will be happening throughout the year.  The first part of my blog post will be discussing our strategy for the year, and the second part will be three new positions for the organization.

In the middle part of the year, administration gathers market data, thoughts from medical staff, you all, the board, trends for our town, region and nation.  We then compile this data, and then decide what the organization shall tackle in the next calendar year.  If you have been here for the last two years, you have seen this process, and know that we are a progressive organization that understands diversity in services is needed to survive in this ever changing healthcare landscape.

Two years ago when I started (Feb 2nd 2016)  we were a $14.7 million organization.  As of today we have formed a great team, and are now a $20.1 million organization.  We plan on reaching $24 million this year.  This is by focusing on services that are not usually done by critical access hospitals (retail pharmacy, optometry, joint programs, outreach lab services).

Below is the high level 2018 strategic plan dashboard.

Strategic Goal Who is Responsible
Strategic Plan Total Goal Achievement CEO
1.0 Growth  
1.1 Mental Health Integration-to bring in mental health workers in the clinics on a weekly basis. Heather, Trampas, Julianne
1.2 Dental/oral service line-business plan to start a full time dental practice. Heather, Trampas
1.3 Chemotherapy program-data shows that 3500 times a year someone leaves our community to receive this service Julianne, Amy
1.4 Outreach Lab service-innovative service where MMH will be employing phlebotomists to draw blood for primary care offices along the front range and courier samples to MMH to have our amazing lab staff run and result out the samples. Also, switching reference labs.  This results in a nice revenue stream for the org to reinvest into equipment and expense reduction (payoff) Trampas, Megan, Heather, Wes
1.5 Accountable Care Organization-Medicare Shared Savings Program where we will be focusing on population health and Medicare wellness exams. Heather, Julianne, Trampas
1.7 Increase primary care via OB strategy-bring in more OB practitioners from Banner to ensure that the patients return to us for the rest of their care.  Some hospitals try to keep the entire family for all care…Banner does not.  Trampas, Heather
1.8 Increase swing bed and in-patient utilization-study the transfers that we do to see where we can provide more services to keep at MMH.  Continue working with Banner and UChealth to receive all of the swing bed patients we can.  We typically have 1 to 2 patients come back for swing bed care from Banner every week.  Julianne, Trampas
1.9 Implement Paramedic in ED or community paramedicine-train paramedics for more use in the ER and do home primary care/social services type visits. Heather, Julianne, Trampas
2.0 Employee/patient investment  
2.1 Leadership development-developing training programs for leaders to have the tools to effectively lead their departments (accounting, HR, conflict management, culture) Jennifer, Trampas, Megan
2.2 Culture training-Joe Tye alues coaching where we want to have everyone take ownership in MMH to ensure the patients and each other are taken care of to the highest level-“proceed until apprehended” Trampas, Jennifer, Heather, Lane
2.3 Financial training for employees-Wes will be sharing his expertise with managers via a healthcare master’s level finance course he will teach twice a month all year.  Wes
2.4 Improve staff retention-determine what we can do to get our better than average turnover of 17% down to 10-12% to be one of the best in this category…and retain all of you…our rockstars. All
3.0 Community  
3.1 Daycare project facility design and selection-Move forward with the Holyoke Daycare Initiative 501 (c)(3) on the grounds of MMH. Trampas
3.2 Master Community Plan-start a plan for the land that MMH owns around the hospital for the potential of: assisted living, senior housing, staff housing, nursing home etc.  Trampas

You can see that a lot of these items are to better equip the entire workforce at MMH to become the best that they can be.  We truly want to be the best place for you all to work at, and the best place for our patients when they choose us.  I will go into detail in each of these items at our employee forum in Feb.

New Positions:

There are a couple of new positions that MMH has hired for that we have not had before.  These are Public Affairs Specialist, Wound Care Nurse, and EHR Support Specialist.

The Public Affairs Specialist will report to Megan and be responsible for the MMH story, internal and external relations, communications, public information officer during disasters, marketing, events, and awards and recognition…and so much more.  Elizabeth Hutches will be starting Monday the 22nd.  She has experience in each of the above areas.  Knowing the work that she has done for the chamber of commerce, her drive for success, healthcare experience and strong business relationship skills, she will be a great asset to MMH.

Wound care nurse is a new position.  Since we have moved the wound care to the specialty clinic and focused on it to being a service line, it has grown to 75 to 100 visits a month!  This is pretty cool, however, this is way too much for our gracious staff who have assisted in the service (Krista, Barb, Deaun, Mary Kay, Julianne, Heather and all others who have helped).  This position will be responsible for the care and coordination of this service line.  We are blessed to have Cindy Locke rejoin us (start date TBD).  Cindy comes from us as the leader of the cancer center in Sterling.  We are happy to have her back, and hope to utilize her expertise in restarting the chemo program as listed before.

EHR Support Specialist is a new position that will have a lot of implications on everyone’s workflows. Athena brings the best technology and software assisted healthcare delivery in the industry.  There are so many tools that Athena has, and we want to use this to the best of its ability.  Furthermore, this position will train all staff on the use, and do refresher training on this system.  We have invested a serious amount of time and money into Athena, and the expectation is to use it to the highest level.  I would like to welcome Fabian Basurto.

Fabian retired from the Army after 20 years of military service and spent the last 9 years contracting with the DOD.  He has been an army medic, dental tech, lab tech, has coding experience, has a radiology certification as well as a HIPAA certification and has been a EHR trainer/Healthcare Informatics for the last 12 years.  Fabian’s most recent stint was at the Naval Hospital in Sigonella, Italy conducting instructor led and on-the-job training for 520 EHR clinical end users.




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